What is Helpdesk?

Helpdesk is a way for anyone at College to quickly and easily report issues they have noticed around campus to the correct department for action.

Who can use Helpdesk?

Helpdesk is open to both staff and students. If you notice a bulb has blown, a tap is dripping, a computer isn't working, a sign has fallen down, etc.
Don't wait for someone else to report it - you can.

What should I report?

Anything you feel isn't working correctly. Engineers from the correct department will then be able to ask you questions about your issue to help resolve the problem. Please include as much information as possible. For example, reporting that a radiator isn't working but not supplying the location, or requesting ink for a printer without including the printer model or ink colour, will slow down the process.

Why should I log a Helpdesk?

It is a swift process and will ensure that the problem is looked at as soon as possible. College is such a large environment, engineers may not notice a problem straight away, With Helpdesk you can bring it to their attention immediately.

Why not just send and email?

If you do not know who to specifically contact, or an engineer is on holiday, Helpdesk takes care of that for you and directs your problem to the appropriate department and / or person. It provides department managers with statistical data, helping them troubleshoot larger issues and even spot patterns.

How do I use Helpdesk?

Helpdesk is designed to be a simple as possible, start by logging in with you College username and password, then follow the on screen prompts.